There is light but no lighting

It was the second project with Z_lab after the first project, The Creative House. The blind whale was such an experiment which was evolved further with the experience of the Creative House. In order to fulfill the concept of "there is light but no lighting", the design was mainly focused on the indirect light. The system is configured to adjust the dimming by installing LED bar lights in the lower part of the bed and the upper beam. I did not hide the front line, but I used the insulator which was often used in the Korean modern house, and I intended to make it as another object.

The Blind Whale has also installed the new LIMAS Objet lighting. Sea whales are made from stainless steel hair line applied to existing Saigon, and whale lights are applied to the forest whale to add detail to the pure material properties of the metal material.

Design by LIMAS

Blind Whale show a new interpretation of Jeju Island to those who have left their daily lives. 

Accepting views of the surrounding villages and the sea, as if the whale is approaching the land, 

this unique experience will give you something special on your travel.