Jeju basalt and old materials gave a new feel to the exposed space.

Collaboration with Z_lab was interesting. The mission was to breathe a rough basalt and a warm feeling inside, which had endured a hundred years of time. The gates and floors that came out of the house were made of tables and beds so that the traces of the time of the year can be expressed.

Designed kitchens, wooden tables and tea tables with wood that matches the old-fashioned feel of old times, it gave a warm feel to the object furniture such as leg chairs, bookshelves, hangers, etc. that could show the identity of Matter and Matters. Especially, the kitchen wanted to be an object to bring warmth to the space compared to the rough basalt for usability.

The blind whale was the second space regeneration project after the Entrer site for Matter and Matters. And it is the first accommodation project that we completed through joints and collaborations. It was a rewarding work in that the field work in Jeju, which is physically distant, and the difficulties of the variables of the old house, were able to reveal the meaning of the new interpretation and the time of the Jeju stone house.


Blind Whale show a new interpretation of Jeju Island to those who have left their daily lives. 

Accepting views of the surrounding villages and the sea, as if the whale is approaching the land, 

this unique experience will give you something special on your travel.