The core of the Blind Whale was to save the round shape of the roof.

The design of the Blind Whale was to retain the shape of the original roof as much as possible and we wanted to reinterpret it as a modern material. In order to reduce the error of the curved surface after the 3D design, the structure was bent from the parking lot to check the shape, and then the roof structure was made up by the crane. It splits the plywood over it to form a natural curved surface and connects the waterproof sheet to the dark colored aluminum zinc to ensure durability against seawater and wind. The shape of the whale-shaped roof was restored morphologically.

The wall made of basalt under the roof remained intact. Where the view of the sea and the village is secured, the basalt was taken out and a window was made. The basalt, which was taken out for the window, was built up again with stone to restore the original value of the stone.

Design by Z_Lab

Blind Whale show a new interpretation of Jeju Island to those who have left their daily lives. 

Accepting views of the surrounding villages and the sea, as if the whale is approaching the land, 

this unique experience will give you something special on your travel.